Lauren Spencer Nude Onlyfans (Princess Diana lookalike)


New collections of Lauren Spencer laurenspenceruk sex tape and nudes from Step Mom Laurenspenceruk onlyfans Makes Naughty Step Son Apologise With A Huge Cum Load! Princess Diana passed away long before the days of OnlyFans. But now…it’s almost like she didn’t. 47-year-old OnlyFans model makes $16,000 a month and fans tell her she looks like Princess Diana all the time Instagram @laurenspencer_uk TikTok @laurenspencerslife

Lauren Spencer is a 47-year-old OnlyFans model and in the top 0.5% of earners on the platform.

Before making the switch to content creation, she had owned a cleaning company with her husband for over 10 years, but when the pandemic hit, she saw her work dry up because of restrictions.

We went from having a normal income to nothing overnight, she told Insider. So she signed up for OnlyFans to earn money from home.

The 47-year-old had a side hustle doing webcam-modeling work, where viewers join a chatroom and pay to watch explicit content live. But with the cleaning business no longer operating, fans who said Spencer looks like Princess Diana suggested she try OnlyFans out.

I often get comments from fans saying, You remind me of her. Every time I’m told that, I’m flattered, Spencer said.




Date: September 21, 2023

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